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In-House Trust & Estate Planning

Our experts provide comprehensive analysis to identify all the elements of your new or existing estate plan, helping you to understand how your plan will function today and in years to come.

In partnership with our wealth, investment, and tax teams, we utilize an integrated approach to help you leave your legacy.

Leave a Legacy That Lasts for Lifetimes

"What we're able to do here at BakerAvenue is really see the whole picture of your financial well-being. Having access to all the information at once really optimizes your overall plan, not just for you, but for your family, your loved ones, and your descendants."

Interested in learning how BakerAvenue can help review your trust or estate plan?


Simon Mayali, JD, LL.M

Director of Estate Planning

What Goes Into a Comprehensive Estate Plan

Learn more about our trust & estate planning services by watching the video above or visiting bakerave.com/estate-planning.